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Building Blocks: The Relationship

Building Blocks: The Relationship

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Wendell doesn't have the traditional barbershop, instead he cuts right out of his garage. Fresh carpet, couch, clean smell, music low, a barbering station, and some weights and boxes in a corner. This is his setup for the last 10 years. Wendell doesn't barber for the sake of barbering. He does it because it fulfills him in his career. It satisfies his love for art and having deep relationships with people. He gets to talk to people and share his wisdom as well as gain some for himself. His core clients have become like family to him. What allows these relationships to form is the fact that each clients gets a 1 on 1 session for an hour. His ability to converse with many different people from all walks of life seamlessly is what he calls the art of communication. The cuts are great but at the end of life what's going to matter most is how you made people feel and the impact you left. is how he put it.

Wendell theburghbarber
Wendell theburghbarber
clippers in purple light

"Although the haircuts are really good, it's more about the people."
Wendell (Theburghbarber)

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