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It's In You: Ep.02

In the 2nd episode of "It's In You", we share with you the story of Kenny Stockard, independent music artist. Kenny's musical journey started from a young age, being that his family has musical backgrounds. But, he never found comfort in diving into the sea of being a full time artist until he was faced with the reality of his grandfather's passing. He took time to get back to who he always knew he was, taking off the layers he had put on for others and being redirected by God. He found freedom within and had already built up a catalog of music, the only thing left to do was take the "risk". His art is complete self expression in the mission that it will reach and help those who have had similar experiences. The tools he uses to stay grounded are his faith, therapy, counselors, and time away.

"I'm actually expressing what is in myself so that it is honest and tangible."
Kenny Stockard

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