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Intrinsic x ACB x Dobra Tea: Mint To Be

The Barrel and Flow Festival brought together the creative forces of Intrinsic Media, Allegheny City Brewery (ACB), and Dobra Tea for a unique collaboration that celebrated black representation and innovation. Intrinsic Media was chosen by the Barrel and Flow team to partner with ACB tasked with creating a special beer debut for the festival. Embracing the theme of representation, Intrinsic Media led the creative direction, using their expertise to shine a spotlight on diversity through the project's creative assets.

To infuse an exotic twist into the beer, Intrinsic Media had the brilliant idea of partnering with Dobrs Tea. After thoughtful consideration, they collectively selected Moroccan mint tea to pair with a lager beer, resulting in the birth of 'Mint To Be' .


The name itself echoed the serendipity of the collaboration, representing a perfect blend of culture and creative visions.



Intrinsic Media led design, asking Wade Anthony to execute the label design that beautifully depicted a black man effortlessly bridging two worlds – the bustling cityscape and the serene stillness of nature. Positioned in a yoga pose with headphones on, the character symbolized the harmonious blend of urban energy and tranquil retreat, mirroring the balance found in the tea-infused beer itself.

The color scheme of mint green, blue, and browns mirrored the beer's refreshing essence, signifying a fresh recharge for both the character and festival attendees. This duality captured the essence of the festival's theme, emphasizing the importance of representation in the creative process.

"Mint To Be" became a resounding success at the Barrel and Flow Festival, a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the celebration of diversity. The project not only produced a deliciously unique beer but also left a lasting impact, reminding everyone that representation truly matters in the world of art and innovation.

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