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It's In You EP.03: Brick By Brick (DeWayne Brown)

It's In You EP.03: Brick By Brick (DeWayne Brown)

It's In You: Ep.03
Brick by Brick

In the 3rd episode of "It's In You", we share with you the story of Dewayne Brown (D Brown), founder and trainer of 2/10ths speed and agility. Being that this series is about personal growth and entrepreneurship, D Brown has given voice to the ups and downs of following his passion and being an entrepreneur. His endurance through the good times of training his first couple of kids and bad times of losing houses because of his investment into his business has given way for kids from  city of Pittsburgh and beyond to become successful and show others what is possible in the space of athlete training. 

"You might take 4 steps back, but when you come forward, you're gonna take 24 steps forward."
Dewayne Brown

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