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It's In You Film Series

Intrinsic Media

Insightful and inspiring film series brings across self-help strategies.  
It's In You Series

We saw opportunity to help our participants "audience" feel more secure in themselves and their self-development by deconstructing the pillars of growth. Those being financial, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  We had to offer the people different perspectives and insights on the process of internal and external success from different professional backgrounds. A self help guide. Of course, we started with video first in order to get the conversation going.

It's In You is a film series project that highlights the stories of innovators personal and professional journey from sports, arts, and culture. In our first installment, we started in Pittsburgh, PA where we highlighted Dewayne Brown (Sports Speed & Agility Trainer), Manasseh Garner (Former NFL player, entrepreneur, coach, and author), and Kenny Stockard (Indie R&B/Soul Singer and Songwriter). 

The series aims to fuel inspiration and give practical steps to self development in a space that is often oversaturated with fluff and ideals. This series positions Intrinsic Media as a company that not only creates cool content and ideas but brings substance and authenticity to its creative work and the media and agency landscape.

It's In You Series Graphic
Kenny Stockard
Coping skills sheet
Manasseh Garner holding a football
Dewayne Brown of 2thenths speed and agility
Manasseh Garner at school

In order to take this series to the next level we developed a film screening, gallery display, and panel discussion with the community at Social Status' 38a Studio in Pittsburgh, PA. That provided a space for the community, producers, and talent to come together to experience the film series together. People connected with others, interacted with the stills on the walls, and engaged in conversation about personal growth and career success. 


What came from that? People left feeling inspired, seen, enlightened, and changed after the experience. 


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